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Solutions for Manufacturers, Business & Universities

We can gear up fast and be ready for action, let us support your technology installations in Philadelphia

The Computer Fixer provides deployment & support solutions for hardware manufacturers, software publishers, retailers, universities and colleges, healthcare providers, and other major public/private organizations. With more than 50 engineers, technicians, project managers and support personnel, we can install and service virtually any type of hardware, software and networked device on a 50 mile radius of Philadelphia area basis:

Personal computers and MAC’s Campus support for students, staff, departments
Residential networking Internet connectivity
Home offices & remote connectivity Laser printing equipment


Residential Computers & Home Networks

The Computer Fixer provides field customer support for all types of personal computers, MAC’s, printers, flat-screen monitors, home networks, and more.  We typically contract directly with manufacturers, businesses and universities to provide a 50 mile radius of Philadelphia area installation, warranty support, parts replacement and repair services including on-site repair and ship in services.
We deliver support for your customers and end users and an efficient, repair management process for your organization.  When your customer calls into your help line, you dispatch the call to us and we take over.  We will call the customer, schedule the appointment, and perform diagnostics and repair including parts ordering, scheduling, and completing the repair process.
With our Internet-based service request system, you gain access to status details on jobs that are in progress and which jobs are successfully completed.  We can also develop custom reports to ensure that you have the exact data you need.

A single point of contact and accountability

The Computer Fixer assigns a single point of contact and accountability — even for multi-vendor projects. We deliver end-to-end service so that you can focus on other issues in your organization.
Our service includes

  • Multi-vendor project management
  • 50 mile radius of Philadelphia area installation service
  • Logistics management including shipping and warehousing
  • Scheduling
  • End-user training and support
  • Maintenance, upgrades, repair and warranty services
  • Communicating with Project Management


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Quality localized service in Philadelphia

Why choose The Computer Fixer for your next technology project?

  • Experience, variety of skills and certifications
  • Fully automated scheduling management
  • Fast response time for service requests
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Manufacturer  / product neutral - we’re not in the business of selling products


“One stop shopping” for your IT requirements

Why try to manage multiple vendors, contracts and travel fees?  Consolidate your IT requirements with a reliable, cost-effective expertise — The Computer Fixer.

Committed to customer satisfaction

  • Each customer receives a satisfaction survey via email upon completion of the service request
  • Our organization proudly maintains a customer satisfaction rate of 98.00%
  • All Computer Fixers maintain positive customer satisfaction  
  • Average rating is 4.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • On-time service rate: 96.00%
  • Warranty return rate: < 2.0%
  • Same or next-day appointment rate: 98.00%
  • On-time resolution rate:  98.00%

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