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Cell Phone Repair Philadelphia


It happens. Smartphones get dropped or hit or bumped and the glass screen crackes or breaks. But it's not a problem. We can fix it fast and have your cell phone working like new again.


iPhone with broken glass screen.

Pricing includes digitizer / LCD assembly, installation, one year parts warranty.

iPhone 6s lcd 119.00                 

IPhone 6s+ lcd 129.00

iPhone 6 LCD 109.00

iPhone 6+ 119.00


Apple iPhone 5 -----------$89.00

Apple iPhone 5C/5S----- $89.00




All Other iPhone Repairs

$45 labor + the price for parts


  • Black/White Back
  • Headphone Jack
  • Vibrate Control
  • Volume Control
  • Home Button
  • Bezel               
  • Charging Port
  • Earpiece
  • Power Button
  • Loud Speaker
  • Front Camera and Back Camera 


Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S phone with cracked glass screen.

Pricing includes digitizer / LCD assembly, installation, one year parts warranty

Samsung Galaxy S3 -------------$179.00

Samsung Galaxy S4 -------------$179.00

Samsung Galaxy S5 -------------$229.00

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 -------------$299.00


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -------------$279.00

Samsung Galaxy Mega -------------$159.00




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All Other Smartphones

Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola, HTC, ASUS, Google Nexus


Nokia Lumina Cell Phone with Windows. LG smartphone. HTC Smartphone running Android.


Motorola Phones. Blackberry phones. iPhone



$45.00 plus parts for most repairs, such as battery, charging port, home button and speakers.


$45.00 includes up to one hour of repair service, additional time $25.00 per hour. Most repairs are completed within an hour.


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