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Data Backup Disk & Online

The best way for backing up your data is to use external disk drives and/or the Internet via on line backup for businesses and everyone who values their files.

If your system crashes, how will you restore your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Outlook email & calendar and accounting files?

Be safe and backup.

* Once a Week: Back up every file you want to keep on every computer, a full backup

* Every day: Backup only the files that have changed, incremental backup

* Monthly: Archive your files, set aside one of your full backups. This way, you will may never have to go back more than one week

You need to test your backup regularly to make sure the files can be safely restored when you need them the most.

Disk Backup

Solutions with external disk drives are fast becoming more popular as data backups are becoming larger than ever. The amount of data that needs stored is climbing. External hard disks are an easy and affordable means of backing up a computer system. The cost is as low as a onetime cost of $250 to $300 which includes a disk drive and software.

Online Backup

Disk backup is a useful and necessary part of securing your data against catastrophe, but with the advent of fast, inexpensive Internet and online storage, you've got little reason to not back up critical files to the Internet as well. The monthly cost is low as $50.00.

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