Out of Warranty Apple Service

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Out of Warranty Apple Service

Value Added Service

Out of Warranty Repairs

If your hardware fails after warenty coverage has expired or suffers an accident, the Computer Fixer can provide service to get your laptop or device working again.

Data Transfer and Recovery Services

The Computer Fixer can transfer your data to a new system or to another storage device, or recover data from a failing hard drive.  With Ship In and Carry In service to our on campus locations, your service and repair can be completed quickly.  

Hardware Upgrades

The Computer Fixer can upgrades your Apple product in order to get better performance and/or increased storage capacity (memory modules, hard drives, etc).

We also provide onsite repair services at your location

Onsite Installations, Integration & Product Refreshes

The Computer Fixer provides installations; moves, adds and changes to Apple products. The Computer Fixer performs hardware, software and system installations on location.  We provide ongoing training and consulting to our clients, helping them get the most out of their Apple technology over the long haul.  We help clients plan for new hardware, software upgrades, network setup and data backup strategies.  We perform any needed connections and software installations to ensure Apple products work seamlessly with either another Apple product or third party products at homes, businesses and educational institutions.

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Contact the Computer Fixer to schedule your repair, or bring it in to one of our convenient campus locations.